One day all of sudden teacher rushed towards a student who is sitting with their friends in a class room, shouted with harsh voice on a child “WHY YOU ARE SITTING IN A CLASS ROOM.? “, asked him to go out off the class room. The poor student was soo panic standing outside of the classroom door for whole day. Later he comes to know that he was only student in the school who failed in paying the School fee.

Even in school assemble, many times teacher noticed him having no proper shoe and dress ask him to move out from the queue line.Also there is no proper protein food at home or even medicine if any falls ill in his family.

Do you know who was that poor, innocent school going student is?? It was myself, I don’t know why I am isolated among other students, I don’t know why am poor,

From these heart-breaking incidents I determined that no child should feel insult hungry with lacking needs and also decided once I grow, I will support the poor school going children and also encourage enhancing poor families.

Now, I became MANY and start this Helping Hands Welfare Society supporting School going students with scholarship programs, conducting free medical camps, blood donation camps, giving financial assistance to the poor and widows, etc..

Helping Hands Welfare Society combines good management, innovative technology, and smart engineering to deliver all our programs.